Simple Business Marketing For Start Up Business

Simple Business Marketing For Start Up Business

Starting up a business is never easy; it can be stressful and at often times energy draining. Things are uncertain and the risks may be too much to handle. For some people, making that jump from employee to boss seems so elusive. Different business owners have their own strategies and defining activities that would make there business marketing unique among others. But for those who made the hasty jump to the entrepreneurial world, two things should be kept in your mind, plan ahead and define your plans well.

A definite thing for those starting a business would be there market. To come up with the decision to start up a business would mean that you have convinced yourself and a handful of people that you have a profitable market. For you to define the different market segments would be the first step amongst the millions you take towards attaining success.

Being able to define the market segment is the key guide in business marketing. This enables business owners see on which aspects he should be focusing his advertising and promotions more. Like for instance, if you are a store selling wigs, it would be a bad idea to hand out brochures and leaflets to high school and teenagers which are less likely to use your products.

There are different kinds of low cost business marketing activities that you could undertake and it could only cost you a couple of dollars.

Business Alliances

Making that jump into the unknown world of entrepreneurship would be stressful for most and it would be a good idea to have a mentor who can guide you every step of the way. It would be best to build alliances with businesses who could be co-beneficiaries of your business. With this strategy you can attain leverage by having your product compliment other businesses products.

Another form of business alliance activity is by leaving information about your product at counters of high traffic areas. Have some brochures or leaflets printed or perhaps a poster that contains the information about your product and your contact details. A good example for this are car service or rental brochures left at hotel lobbies. This way if a guest would decide that he or she would want to drive they can have options.


For start up business owners, do not be afraid of the cost of advertising. You may be overwhelmed by the cost of media advertising especially if it is done by professional advertising agencies. Advertising is essential and the core principle of business marketing. The main premise of advertising is getting your product known across your target market. There are traditional and non traditional advertising practices that would only cost a couple of hundred dollars and can have thousands of impact.

Focusing your advertising on your defined market segment would save you thousands of dollars. This is why it is important to define your market to have a marketing plan based on these data. Having extensive media coverage on a local event would be a waste of money since the reach of your media is further than your market circle.

Business marketing is not a perfect science. It would still depend on the hard work and determination of the business owner that would tip the scale between success and failure. Having a strategy would only mean a defined technique on how success could be achieved at a lesser cost.