Where Is The Cheapest Place To Have T-Shirts Printed For My Band?
What Is The Cheapest Place That Prints T-Shirts? I'M Unable To Print Them Myself So I'Ve Been Searching Online For Someplace To Print Some Shirts Cheap. Any Recommendations?

the cheapest thing to do is go to the craft store and buy plain shirts
then get some iron on transfer paper
print out your bands graphic on it and iron it on the shirts
theres another thing you can do...
when ever i have to make shirts for school clubs i make a stencil and spray paint it onto a shirt
they effect looks so cool and its totally unique
if that ddoesn'twork you can look up screen printing and get your shirts done online

Where Can I Print T Shirts Cheap?
I Am Looking To Find A Place To Print T Shirts And The Such Really Cheap, Preferably In San Diego, With Custom Designs And Quality Fabrics. Any Recommendations? :) Thanks.

www.cafepress.com or

Very inexpensive, and nice too. Hanes brand. I just ordered some of my own design today. :)

There were around $20 each