Cheapest Site To Print T-Shirts?
I Created A Team For The Alzheimer'S Walk Again This Year, And I'M Trying To Find A Cheap Website That Prints Team T-Shirts. So Far, Vistaprint Seems To Be Cheapest. Anyone?

Yea a Google search for: t-shirt drop ship
brings up a $6.00 Vista prints Adwords ad.

you might find $4.95 shirts at

Where Can I Print Some Cheap Good Quality T Shirts?

I have tried other screen printing sites (I do this often for work), and so far as I know, this is the best price with great quality and the topper for me was the great customer service and communication (what I look for). They will use your designs or help you come up with one. They have a pretty nice catalog on their website with a lot of options on plain shirts to choose from. (From stylish womens tee's to heavy duty hanes.)

They are pretty cheap, obviously the more you order the cheaper it is. Very comparable to anything else I've seen and better quality.

I dealt with a gentleman named Matt Brus. I have his card and his phone number if you would like it! I know they offer specials and discounts also.

Good Luck!