How Can I Print My Design On A T-Shirt..For Cheap?
Plese Help Quickly, I Need These Shirts Because I'M Running For Class President And I Need Them To Let Everyone Know My Name. Thankyou Very Very Very Much!!!!

Get the transparency iron-on paper you can print using a regular printer and a design from your computer. Here's a website that has it but you can probably find it locally also:
Edit: found it at Target and Jo-Anns Fabrics also!

What Is The Cheapest Online T-Shirt Printing Store?
What Is The Cheapest Online T-Shirt Printing Store? I Have A Small Business And Need A Couple Of T-Shirts What Are The Cheapest Online Printing Websites? Thx In Advance !

Check out

They do FULL COLOR printing on the front, back, sides and sleeves with NO SCREEN CHARGE.

They have lots of options and upgrades. Including an option for 1 shirt. There is even an option to get the 1 shirt free.

They also do single shirt drop-shipping at