What Is A Cheap T Shirt Screen Printing Machine?
I Remember Seeing An Ad On Tv On A Cheap Screen Printer That Is Used For T Shirts And Stuff Like That And It Was Like 50 Bucks, Anybody Know That Machine Or One Like It?

Hi, I'm not in the US so I'm not sure which ad you saw but I know that there is a screen printing home kit that's sold here in Japan and is shipped to certain stores in the US, is that it? It's called GOCCO. I don't know how much it would be, I know that it's getting to be quite rare nowadays though, they stopped producing them for a while then started after public demand set in again. I don't know if that means there's not a market for it and that's the only product or whether there's just no deman in Japan.

Anyways, here's the link

to their site. Hope I helped ^_^

A Question About Leather Jackets?
Im Planning On Buying One But Everyone Says They Like Douchy What Do You People Think (Im 18)? Better Then Those Puffy Nylon Winter Jackets? ( I Know Those Jackets Keep You Warmer But It Never Gets That Cold Here). Rather Stupid Question But Leather Jackets Are Expensive So Its Best To Know :P .

Leather jackets have been around since the 30's, and are still as popular as ever. Good by itself with just a tank top, shirt, T-shirt or layered with other clothing that's long sleeves.

I have many leather jackets in many colors to wear for spring, fall, winter, for Christmas, Valentines (red - cinnamon), lavender (spring), camel (autumn). Many of them are classic styles, so they never go out of style. I also have motorcycle black jacket, and fringe turquoise Indian style Canadian made jacket.

I usually wear gloves and hat to tuck in my hair, or put my hair up like on my profile or similar.

If you buy one, make sure it's the color you LOVE, to go with your complexion, and something that won't go out of style after a season. You can get good leather jackets from Marshall's, JC Penney or Nordstrom when they're on sale or @ the Rack.

Those who made fun of fashion, don't really KNOW fashion. Wear what you like, enjoy & have confidence. Be a trendsetter, not a follower.