Cheapest Way To Print T-Shirt Designs?
I Want To Sell My T-Shirt Designs, And I Would Like The Cost To Be Less Than $5 Each So I Can Sell Them For $8-12. I Found Extremely Cheap Fruit Of The Loom T-Shirts Here: Http://Www.T-Shirtwholesaler.Com/Main_Detail.Asp?Pg=Detail&Id=5930&Uid=-R I Just Don'T Know I Will Get The Designs On Them For A Good Price. Thanks!

I don't know much about the printing.

I imagine if you are producing large numbers, you would be better investing in the equipment yourself, and then over the long run the production costs will fall as your output rises.

However, have you considered about online selling in order to promote your t-shirt designs?

I am a web designer and would love to help you with your business.

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How To Design And Print T-Shirts For Cheap?
I Have To Print Shirts For My Sports Team, And I Can'T Find Anywhere That Will Do Them For Cheap. I'M Want To Get A Good Enough Deal For Each Shirt To Be Around $5.00.

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the cheap price only around $27.3 - $37.8 with free shipping . many brands for your choices,AF Hollister, AFF,etc