Where Can I Get Cheap, Custom Printed T-Shirts Made Fast?
I Live In Chicago, So A Local Place Would Be Ideal So I Could Make Sure They Are Made Right, And Can Cut Out The Shipping Time. They Are For A Bachelorette Party, So Cheap T-Shirts Are Perfect. These Online Stores Often Need 14 Days, But I Can'T Get People'S Rsvps That Fast. Any Ideas?

you could go to cafepress.com or google it or you can buy tns of t-shirts from michaels and get these transparent things that you print the design you want on them backwards so when you iron it on the shirt it comes out right ways that is very cheap and they sell those iron on things for the writing for like 4.99 for 20 of them.

Recomended Motorbike Jackets?
I'D Like Something You Can Wear As A Jacket Off The Bike As Well. Preferably With A Thermal Lining And Preferably Waterproof Any Recommendations?

Kind of vague.

Some things to consider. For a motorcycle jacket you one of the most important things to consider is protection. This is why you wear a motorcycle jacket instead of a regular jacket.

You want something that gives abrasion protection in case you dump your bike and find yourself sliding down the pavement. A regular jacket will wear down to bare skin in about the first 10 feet. Leather gives the best protection.

The better motorcycle jackets will include some armor protection. Usually at least in the elbows and shoulders. The better jackets will have removable armor so the jacket is more comfortable to wear when not riding your motorcycle. This is in case you find yourself tumbling down the pavement.

For a motorcycle jacket you want something with tight fitting cuffs. Otherwise wind blows up the sleeves and your jacket will blow up like a balloon.

Leather does not give very much. It must fit correctly to be comfortable. My jacket has laces on the sides so I can have some adjustment to make the jacket fit better.

They make jackets that are good for a fairly wide range of temperature. My motorcycle jacket has a zip out thermal lining. It also has zippered vents in the chest and back that I can open up for warmer days.

I bought my motorcycle jacket at a place called Leather Up. Good prices. Good return policy. A suggestion if you buy from here. Read the customer reviews closely. Many will have advice on fit. For example. When I bought my jacket the reviews said that this jacket tends to run small and to get 1 size larger than you would expect to buy. This proved to be good advice and saved me from returning the jacket for a larger size.

Don't let the name Leather Up fool you. This site is not just for the V-Twin riders. They have styles for just about everyone. I have absolutely nothing to do with this website. Just giving a suggestion on a place to look at motorcycle jackets so you can see what is possible.