Leather Jacket???
Can U Wear A Leather Jacket With Anything??? What Is The Best Way To Wear It?? Any Ideas On Outfits Containing Leather Jackets Would Be Great!! Links Would Help Also Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxo

Leather jackets are so adorable
i have one, and when you wear it right it can look great.
Ok so for starters, leather jackets great over casual but fitted tops, such as tank tops, tighter cotton t-shirts, etc.
These should be patterned, like with stripes or some graphic print.
The easiest way to wear it is over skinny or straight leg jeans (doesn't matter the wash..try to match it with the jacket color).
Since it is sort of assoicated with music festivals or motorcycles, you can wear accessories like aviators or chain jewelry. Watch gossip girl for more inspiration, Serena has two leather jackets that she mixes and matches.
The easiest color leather to pull off is probably black, cuz u can just sort of throw it on.

The Jacket?
Ok. So There'S This Book Called The Jacket About This Boy Who'S Mom Gets Him An Ugly Green Jacket And His Friends Completely Ditch Him And He Starts Hanging Out With The &Quot;Ugly Boys&Quot; And He Calls His Jacket &Quot;The Ugly Green Brother&Quot;.....And. Yeah...What'S The Author?

Gary Soto wrote "The Jacket"
" Adolescence often places a child in the difficult position of wanting to impress
their peers and simultaneously please their parents. Such quandary occurs in Gary Soto’s
“The Jacket” when the young boy is placed in the unenviable position of wearing a jacket
that is a displeasing shade of green. The jacket was given to him by his beloved mother.
This young man was hoping for a cool jacket , “something like the bikers wear: black
leather and silver studs, with enough belts to hold down a small town.”(3). But instead ,
the boy had received an ugly green jacket. He was then stuck in a position where he had to
either please his mother by wearing the monstrosity , or he could go to school without it
so he would not be thought of as a dork. He ended up wearing the jacket which to him it
was a mistake. It seemed to , in his mind , have caused him to receive bad test grades ,
beatings from the bully , ridicule from the other classmates and frustration over all. This
boy got so frustrated he had thrown it down , cursed it off and could never make up his
mind whether to wear it or not. Though this jacket acted as a burden which had tortured
his image to the point of insanity , he learned to accept it a just used it to protect him from
the cold. "