Where Can I Buy Baby Boy Dress Clothes?
I Have A Daughter, And I Have Never Had Problems Dressing Her For Church. However, I Just Had A Baby Boy, And I Am Having A Heck Of A Time Finding Dress Clothes For Him. I Am Not Looking For A Tux Or Anything, But A Dress Shirt And Slacks Would Be Nice. Maybe Even A Tie (Maybe). Anyway, Where Do You Shop For (Not Break The Bank Priced) Baby Boy Dress Clothes?

Hello sweetie. Babies r us is great way to shop for dress clothes, as the quality is great and the price is simply affortable

If you are in US

if you are in UK - Europe

Hope this is any help to you

Baby Clothes?????????????????????????
Does Anyone Know If There Are Any Online Sites That Provide Baby Clothes? I Just Had My First Son, (His Name Is Ricky) And We Didn'T Know That It Was Going To Be A Boy. The Doctor'S Said I Was Going To Have A Girl, So We Bought All Dresses And Pink Clothes, And Had To Bring Him Home In A Pink Dress. I Am Desperate. I Have No Money, My Husband And I Are Trying To Pay Child Support For His Kids, I Am Looking For A Job, And I Just Need Some Help. My Baby Is 4 Weeks Old Now. Thank You

Return the girls clothing if you have tags or reciept and exchange. Im not sure that there are any online sites to go to but im sure there's places in your area that can help you out with clothing. =]
Ohh ive been to alot of yardsales lately with tons of baby clothing for cheap..maybe there are some where you live too..and if not craigslist.com is pretty cheap. =]