Mommies Where Have You Found Cute Clothes For Baby Boys?
Alden Is Now Wearing 0-3 Month Clothing And Normally I Shop At Stores Like Target, Kohls, And The Children'S Place (Pricey) But Boys Clothes Tend To Be So Plain And Boring! Any Suggestions?

Boys clothes are SO hard to come by... There's such a HUGE selection of girls clothing and like nothing in the boy's section.... Wal-Mart and Target are the WORST... I love them because sometiems they have the 3 or 4 dollar onesies and pants to mix and match and you can't beat that but I hate it because the boys section is so tiny it's ridiculous... you have like no options!

I have found that shopping in the baby sections at department stores like Dillards, Macy's, JC Penny's, Sears, etc is the best.. They have a much better selection of ADORABLE clothes and full outfits for baby and they really are not that expensive.. Everytime I go they have some sort of sale and I usually walk out with a good ammount of new clothes for a good price. We dont' have alot of extra money around here so if it were too much I woudlnt' shop there. Don't let the word 'department store' scare you away! lol

Also try places like Ross, TJ Maxx & Marshalls... It's always a hit or miss but I have found stuff in there that is to die for and it's cheap!

Where Is The Baby Boy Clothing?
My Head Is Spinning From All The Pink...Im So Upset That I Cant Find Really Nice Baby Boy Clothing...I Want Outfits Like The 0-3 Month Girls Get To Have.Im Not Talking About The Things You Find At Target But In The Magazines The Celebs Have Cute Clothing Like Sweaters, Vest, And Even Little Hats. Did Anyone See The Outfit Ushers Son Wore On The Cover Of Essences Magazines. I Want Things Like That. Please Help Me....

As the mother of 2 boys my best advice to you is get used to it. The boy selection always stinks everywhere!

Do a lot of your shopping on line and even though the selection isn't great you'll stumble on good things now and again at your average stores.