In Desperate Need Of Baby Boy Clothes, Anything Will Help!?
Hello, My Name Is Olivia And I Am 19 Years Old, I Am 5 Months Pregnant And My Due Date Is November 30Th 2010. I Already Know I Am Having A Little Boy Whom I Plan To Name Kingsley Aiden. The Reason I Am Writing This Is Not For Pity But For Prayer, And A Helping Hand If Anyone Is Generous Enough To Offer That As Well...I Am Young But I Am Trying To Grow Up And Become The Mother I Know My Son Deserves, A Mother I Never Had. My Blood Relatives Do Not Support My Pregnancy Therefore They Will Be Of No Assistance Or Even Kindness. Until Recently I Worked Full Time At A Call Center In My Area, Recently I Was Diagonosed W/ Preeclampsia And Put On Full Bed Rest To Prevent Early Labor. My Loss Of Income Means That I Will Not Be Able To Purchase The Items I Need For Kingsley So I Am Asking, Better Yet Begging For Anyone To Donate Anything They Possibly Can. Even 1 Diaper Would Help Tremendously. Adoption And Abortion Are Not An Option, And No I Do Not Have Internet Access Whichto Me Is A Luxury I Cannot Afford, I Am Currently At The Local Public Library Writing This Against The Order Of My Doctors B/C I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Provide For My Son. My Babys Father Is Not Around, He Left When I Found Out About The Little Blessing I Have Been Gifted W/. Even A Prayer Or Any Kind Of Encouragement, Or Direction To What I Should Do Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You, God Bless; Olivia B. Aka A Mother In Need If You Have Any Questions About How To Get The Donations To Me Feel Free To Post Them, Or Email Me At Brookso@Rocketmail.Com I Will Answer Whenever I Get The Chance To Sneak Out Again Lol.

Make sure you are signed up for WIC, EBT, and even cash assistance (also, if you apply for cash assistance they WILL go after your child's father for support as well) until you can get back to work. WIC and/or the state health insurance in your area will provide you with a free car seat. You should be able to get a free stroller, clothes, toys, high chair, and blankets on craigslist or freecycle. Do NOT take used bottles, bedding, hats, pacifiers, or cloth diapers for your baby (these things plus a car seat is all you really can't use if it is used as it could compromise the health of your baby).

See if your friends could possibly throw a shower for you. After you have your baby, (at least in my area) the hospital does provide you with some blankets, bottles of formula, and packages of pampers (you can just take them).

I have blankets, socks, shoes, and bottles from my daughter (they are white and yellow) that I could pass on to you if you need them. Make sure you check in with the local churches as well

Where Is A Good Place To Buy Baby Boy Clothes?

My littlest little one (and first/ only boy) will be one next week, and I still don't know! It's a serious challenge. The Children's Place is pretty good for basics, but don't buy more formal clothes there- they only look good until you wash them, and then they need ironed. But as far as essential items (shorts, pants, polos, tees without dinosaur, puppy and fireman logos all over them) they're fairly good. The Gap is decent. Most places I've found- and the places I easily buy clothing for all my daughters- are hit or miss at best. TJ Maxx can be a good place to look, but...same deal. Hit or miss with the boy clothes. I hope you get some good answers, because it's always frustrating for me to shop for my son!