Good Baby Boy Baptism Clothes?
My Twin Boys Ethan Jack And Zachary Thomas Are Getting Baptized.Is There Any Good Websites For The Usa Or The Uk That Sell Baby Clothes For This And Shoes.Please Give A List Of Sites

I think it depends whether you are in the US or UK...

Here you have Target & Sears where you can Find a variety of outfits :

And here you have a variety of shoes :

Good Luck!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Baby Boy Clothes?
It Is So Hard To Find Clothes For Little Boys..My Son Is 20 Months And I Have The Hardest Time Finding Him Anything..Where Do You All Go?

I highly suggest if your looking for a good source of good clothing at a great price. If you don't mind used clothing check out your local area twins clubs. You can use links at to find your states page and from there local area clubs. All clubs use consignment sales as a means of accruing money for the clubs use and helping their moms. These sales are huge and are some of the best prices you'll find for used clothing and other infant/childhood items (even cheaper than a lot of consignment shops). Sales occur usually once or twice a year depending upon the club. Other suggestions retail would be (on line) gymboree, baby gap, janie and jack, baby style and some of the Osh Kosh stuff offered at target is very cute.