Are There Any Womens Clothing Wholesaler Companies In America?
I Have An Online Store, And Mostly The Girls Are Into Maxi Dresses, Nice Shirts, Skirts. I Am Tired Of Dealing With China, Well Asia Period. The Sizes Are Never Right, The Fabric, And The Way They Are Made, Lets Say Not The Best Quality. Looking For American Wholesaler Please. :)

Why not go to a show here in the US and see what lines might suit? e.g.: Pool, Atelier, etc. is a blog written for small companies who want to sell their clothes -- you represent the other side of that, the buyer.

A website you ought to be reading regularly:

Where Can I Find A Logo-Less Clothing Wholesaler?
Looking To Start A Small Business Selling Shirts And Apparel, And I Am Trying To Find A Wholesaler That Has Cool Logo-Less Shirts. Does Anyone Out There In California Know A Hook Up?

I know this cool company out of California called blankstyle. They specialize in blankstyle fashionable wholesale clothing. They have an office out of California and North Idaho (Coeur d'Alene). You can check out there sites.