I Have A Store, Could Anyone Recommend Me Some Good Clothes Wholesalers?
At Same Time, I Would Like To Make Friends With Anyone Who Has The Store, Expecting To Share Experience With You.

You can get all kinds of designer clothes for wholesale really cheap at Salehoo, http://www.salehoo.com?aff=basimdcs&type... , its the biggest wholesaler list online with hundreds of wholesalers
Hope this helps

Looking For Clothing Wholesalers, Anywhere In The World, Uk Preferably?
Hey Im Looking For Clothing Wholesalers, Selling Emo, Scene, Punk, Inde, Goth, Etc. Not Stars And Stripes (Ethic Star). Thanks =)

H & R of london, I buy clothes for my online shop there, they have lots of retro, rockabilly, scene, goth and emo stuff.