Tween Clothing Wholesalers??
Hello! I Have An Online Clothing Boutique &Amp; We Have Primarily Focused On Teen &Amp; Adult Trendy Clothing. We Would Now Like To Expand Into Trendy Tween Clothing - Sizes 7-16. We Are A Member Of A Few Different Wholesale Sites, But The Children'S/Tween Items They Offer Are Not The In-Style Trendy Clothing. We Are Looking For Basically The Same Type Of Trendy Items We Get In Adult Sizes. I Know They Exist For Tweens Because I'Ve Seen Children Wearing These Styles (Such As What'S Trending Right Now Like Aztec Prints &Amp; Chevron Prints). I Am Having A Very Hard Time Finding Any Wholesales For This Type Of Clothing For Tweens. Google Isn'T Helping Either. Does Anyone Know Of Any Wholesales For What We'Re Looking For? Thank You!

Ummm i am a tween I guess and I shop at and they have the Aztec and such so try clothes from there good luck :) btw idk what wholesales are

Help!!! Looking For Fashionable Clothes Wholesalers From Hong Kong!!?
I'M Going To Hong Kong Next Week And I'M Looking For Fashionable Clothes Wholesalers From Hong Kong. Can Anybody Help Me??? :)

You should travel to Guan Zhou instead, most of the Hong Kong fashion clothes come from China. The most popular one is in Bai Ma.