How Do The Fashion Designers Print T Shirts?
I Am A Fan Of A Statement Tees, Especially Those Printed In Vintage Class Or In Gradient Style Like A Reggae One.. But I Wonder If What Do They Use? If They Use Silkscreening On It? Or They Have Other Techniques? Pls If Anyone Of You Guys Knows How.. Pls Tell Me.. Tanx A Lot.. Im Sampling The Works Of Raw Talents Http://Www.Rawtalentinc.Com/Home.Html .. Its Amazing ! A Bravo Job.. But Im So So Curious.. Tanx Guys.. God Bless... Oh By The Way I Hope I Wont Get Suspended Here By Giving Out Their Site.. I Just Showed It So You Guys Can Relate What Im Talking About.. Tanx Ya...

Silk screen printing is standard for doing short runs of a t shirt (say 1,000 or less) but can also be used if you're keeping a design on the market and just printing a batch up now and then.

Step By Step And Items Needed To Screen Print Shirts?
I'Ve Looked Up So Many Techniques. Tell Me Which You Think Is The Best And Explain How To Do It Easiest.

Draw it, put it on t shirt transfer sheet (sold in box of 12) heat transfer it to t shirt.

Get silk screen. ink, brayer (roller), block out each color with a paper stencil, silk screen each shirt, let dry and repeat for each color. Be sure to work out some registry marks so each stencil lines up.