Silk Screen Printing?
Hi! I'M New To Silk Screen Printing. My Objective Is To To Print On The Temples Of Sunglasses. The Image Is Text And A Flag And Involves Red And White. Will 110 Mesh Work For This Or Will It Not Be Detailed Enough (The Image Is Pretty Small Given The Small Space On Which To Print And I'D Like It To Look Pretty Crisp.) And What Ink/Paint Do You Recommend? Id Like It To Look Like Its Printed One The Plastic- Not Raised Or Glossy Or Anything. Also, The Glasses Are A Dark Navyy And The Colors Are Red And White. Should I Do Anything To Make Sure The Paint/Ink Shows Up Well? And, Last Thing I Promise :), I Don'T Have An Exposure Unit So How Long Is A Good Amount Of Time To Leave The Screen Out In The Sun To Burn The Stencil? Your Help Is So Appreciated! Thank You!! -Mary

arrrr i did silk screen so many times but like ages ago in art so i dont remember much now :(
hmmm anyway temples of sunglasses? :0 hmm well has to be flat, ummm also not excatly sure how well silk screen works with small images either...110 mesh? ummm....ok il'l admit i have no idea what that means >///< XD lol umm the best thing i can really reccomend is to trial it a few times on paper, or something similar to what youl'l be printing on and see what works and what doesnt, and which you like the best :)

oooh also remember to do the lighter colour first but thats pretty much the rule in all art stuff and ink? for not getting the raised or glossy effect, i think what i used ages ago was something called block ink? cant remember if we added turps or anything to thin it out though cause its pretty thick, but then agin you dont use much and the screen strains it out sorta, also the first print may be a bit iffy, the ones after will be better since the paint/ink would have gone through although be careful with alignment - especially when theres ink all over the silk screen and you cant see anything XD anddd burn the stencil??? dont you just use a stencil over the silk screen and then print it? hmmmm unless thats a printing method i didnt use...
hmmm anyway yeah as i said before just doing lots of trials is the best way to go and then do the final thing on the sunglasses :) and good luck! :D

Can Someone Explain The Differences In Silk Screening And Digital Printing?
I Want To Make A T-Shirt, And The Web Sites Are Kinda Vague On The Subjects. Can You Explain The Difference With Quality And Other Things And Give Your Opinions? Thanks!

Silk screening has actually turned into screen printing (they use polyester rather than silk as it's easier to produce and cheaper).

Screen printing involves producing a screen with a negative of each color "burned" into it. The more colors the more screens it takes. Many times you will see a 4 color process though for things that look like a picture rather than a generated graphic. It's older technology but if you're going to produce a large amount of shirts it's rather cost effective.

Digital printing involves a large inkjet printer. Much like your home printer. It contains special inks that need to be handled properly. The shirts need to be fed properly. etc... This is more efficient for smaller print jobs. It does take longer to print a shirt this way but takes less prep time.