Where Can I Find Ladies Clothing Wholesalers In Uk?
I Have Opened A New Shop In Malta And Am Looking For Wholesalers In Uk / Wholesale Streets Where To Purchase Clothing At Wholesale Prices For Resale Purposes. Can Anyone Help Please??????

It is always advisable to first get quotes from different wholesalers for any product to get best offers or deals. You can simply ask the wholesalers to send the quotes on email as it saves lots of time of market visit. If you are internet savy then you can post your buy requirement on various classified sites or in an another way you can send the request to wholesalers directly. You can easily get the list of ladies clothing wholesalers in various online directories. For indian market you can get good list of wholesalers at http://trade.indiamart.com/search.mp?sea...

How To Design T-Shirts?
Hi, I'M Looking To Start My Own T-Shirt Company And I Have All My Ideas And I'M Ready To Start Designing Shirts. What Is A Really Good Method For Making Unique Looking Shirts. I'M Thinking I Might Carve Out A Design In Wood And Just Paint That And Transfer It To A Shirt But It Seems Very Time Consuming. Any Better Ideas Than That? Thanks For Any Info :)

Look into silk-screen printing techniques. You can create many different original designs, do custom work, and best of all, print in multiple quantities.

Check the library for books on the subject. Below are some websites to get you started, or at least give you an idea if this would be a feasible solution for you. The commercial supply sites are for informational purposes only. I cannot personally vouch for their service record.