Hand Printing?
What Is The Meaning Of Hand Printing?

Various printing techniques have been developed including, direct printing, resist printing, and screen-printing. Direct printing is practiced all over India where a bleached cotton or silk fabric is printed with the help of wooden blocks, with beautifully carved designs. But first the outline block is printed, after which the blocks for filling in the colors are to be utilized. If the background is to be a light color, the cloth is dyed after the printing has been completed. Normally, three to four colors are used.

Screen Print T-Shirt Supplies?
I Want To Try Screen Printing Some Designs Onto Shirts. I Just Want To Try It Out So I Don'T Need A $1000 Machine. What Are The Supplies Necessary To Make Some Shirts With The Screen Printing Technique? The Ones I Got So Far Are Silk Screen, Emulsion, And Transparency Paper. Any Links To Tutorials On How To Make Screen Printing T-Shirts Would Also Be Appreciated! Thank You Very Much!