Where Can I Buy Silk Screen Paints In New York City?
I Want To Print On Tee Shirts Using A Hand Made Silk Screen And Sqeegie.

Pearl Paints on canal street, utrecht on 4th ave also 23rd street, Blick Art Materials (formerly the art store) on Bond Street....but I would order them from dharmatrading.com for a wide selection, good prices and very informative catalog (tips and techniques)

have fun!

What Are The Equipments Needed In Silk Screening?
The Name Of Chemical Needed In Silk Screening Needed To Cover The Entire Screen And Please Send Me The Process To Do It.

There are various ways to "mask" out areas on a screen that you don't want to print, but sounds like you're thinking of the photo-emulsion technique which uses UV light to "burn" or harden the areas you want masked when you say "chemical."

Check out some of these links about that way of doing screen printing:


Diane B.