Gift Ideas For Friends 30 Birthday?
My Friends Are Gonna Celebrate Their 30S(Male + Female ) So Im Thinking What I Shall Buy Them. Firstly I Thought About Trafis Sign With Warrning 30 :) But I Have No Time To Get One. Have U Any Idea About Funny T Shirt Or Something Else? Thanks

How about the sandals? It very cheap and the quality is very good. I have bought for my family last week at this site:

Help?!? How To Style An Outfit???!?
Okayy, I Really Love Bright Bold Colours And Funny Tee'S And I Am Obsessed With David And Goliath But I Don'T Really Know How To Put The Outfit'S Together And Also I Don'T Want To Pay The Extreme Prices That David And Goliath Expect'S Us To Pay So Does Anyone Know Where You Can Get Either Cheap David And Goliath Clothes Or David And Goliath Styled Clothes?

hiyaa:) New look have an offer on at the moment; 2 t shirts for 10 pounds, they're cool bright colours, some of the captions are a bit cheesy but you can look out of the sale section too, they're still cheap. Wear your t shirts with things like skinny jeans and bright converse, or tuck them into high waisted shorts?