What To Do About My Mom Being Cheap...?
I Want To Change My Whole Wardrobe For The New School Year But My Mom Hates Shopping For Clothes. Last Year (9Th Grade), I Wore A Lot Of Dark Colors (Black, Gray, Purple) And Turquoise But This Year I Want To Bring The Inner 'Bubbly', Goofy Me Outside By Wearing Bright Colors Like Pink (Which I Love!) And Neon Greens And Yellows. My Mom Won'T Spend Over $12 On Shirts Or $20 On Jeans And A Good Pair Of Jeans Is Like $35! Where Can I Go To Get Cheaper Clothes?

Forever 21 has pretty cheap clothes! Always look in the discount area in American Eagle. Levi's is also having a sale on jeans, which they're all amazing, for $20. I bought just one pair but I could've gone back and buy like twenty more. Always ALWAYS look for discounts! Hot Topic has funny graphic T shirts, some with lots of colors, and others with the same monotone and dark colors like you wore previously. T-Shirts are always relatively on the cheaper side. If you want a certain shirt, then try saving up your money and and spending your own rather than have your mom pay for them... always works for me, haha.

Good luck sweetie!

American Eagle Vs. Abercrombie Vs. Hollister Vs. Aeropostale?
I Went To The Mall Yesterday Since Ae Was Having A Sale, And I Love That Store. I Learned Aeropostale Was Having A Big One Too. Everything In Ae Was Gone, Except For Some Rugbys And Shirts That Were Xxxl. So I Couldn'T Get Anything Cheap From There. When I Went To Hollister, They Had Only One Good Thing On The Clearance Rack, But It Was Only 11 So I Bought It. Aero Was Next, They Were The Most Expensive Out Of All, 20 For A T Shirt In A Sale? Abercrombie Was Last. Got A 20 Dollar Shirt, But Its Cheap If You Think About Average Abercrombie Prices. In The End I Got 2 Shirts, The Two Who Werent Having Sales. (Kinda Funny!) So In My Opinion Aero Shouldn'T Even Ofput Prices Up That High Because They Cant Even Compare To The Other 3. So I'M Left With This Question, Ae, Af, H Co, Or Aero? My Opinion: 1.Ae- Good Envirement, Better Quality, Usually Better Sales. 2.Abercrombie- Cool And Popular, Too Expensive For Most People. 3.Hollister- Too Dark, Cant Even See What You Buy, Ok 4.Aero- Ew

ae - the first store i went to before i started going to these four. i loved it, i still have the sneakers i bought there and the necklace and everything. prices are moderate but you get what you pay for.

abercrombie - probably the most well known and worn out of all four, but also the most ridiculously priced and hardest to look good in. if you have any belly fat whatsoever, dont even try their "muscle fit" clothing, unless you want to look five pounds heavier.

hollister - omg <3 haha i love them so much. they're my favorite, their clothes fit in a comfortable & flattering way and they always have so many different shades so you can get exactly waht you're looking for. the prices are up there but they do come down and the clearance has a nice selection.

aeropostale - i like some of their things but their t shirts are kinda weird - idk maybe it's just me but they feel odd on me. however i love their hoodies and tehir prices arent always outrageous.