Where To Get Back To School Clothes For Cheap?
My Style Is Skater (Like Skinny Colorful Jeans, Converse Sneakers, Outgoing Funny T Shirts With Sayings.) Know Any Stores Where I Can Get That Kind Of Stuff For Not A Lot Of Money? I Usually Shop At Zumies But Some Stuff Is Expensive. Please Help!

If you have a rugged wearhouse clothes are very cheap because they buy from the stores that are closing or cant sale their clothes..

I have bought many hurley things from there.

usually shirts are a few dollars, short and pants are 5 tp 10..

And all the clothes are name brand and new.. they have shoes too..

Clothing Stores For A 14-Year-Old Girl?
So I Realized That I Really Have No Desirable Stores To Shop At. I Don't Want To Shop At Those Lame Brand Stores Like Abercrombie And Fitch Or American Eagle Or That Other Store That Begins With An A, And Especially Not *Shiver* Limited Too! *Horror Music* Pacsun Has Some Decent Stuff, But Every Piece Of Clothing Has The Dang Brand Name Plastered On The Front. I Just Want A Store With Some Nice T-Shirts With Maybe A Funny Saying Or Picture On The Front, Maybe Some Kind Of Store For Geeks? :D Please Tell Me Some Of The Best Stores To Shop At For A Geeky High School Girl!

LoL! I totally agree with you! A&F and Hollister and all that other stuff is way too expensive and not worth it. :P

Here are some of the stores I like:
Papaya (Granted, it looks bright, but some of the clothes are awesome and they have great sales!)
Old Navy (I LOVE this store!)
GAP (Although it's not my favorite, I do shop there sometimes)
Target (I just went shopping there last night. They had great clearances.)
Ross (Sales! Sales! Sales!)
TJ Maxx (Sales! Sales! Sales!)
Marshalls (Ok, can you hate me for liking cheap, good clothes? :D)

Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are also good...when they have sales. XD