If I Have A Stencil, How Can I Put It Onto A Shirt Without Screen Printing?
I Can'T Screen Print, But There There'S A Drafting Class At My School Who Would Possibly Do It For Me For Money. However, I'D Like To Do It Myself. Do I Need Specials Paints (I Would Assume Fabric Paints) Or Anything Like That? Should I Just Get Someone To Print It For Me Or What? Thanks.

there are a few options.

1. make a stencil & use fabric paints as you've mentioned.

2. you can also print directly from your printer.
Here are instructions on how to print on fabric right in your inkjet printer:

3. you can use Crayola's range of fabric colors - paints, crayons, velvets, pencils, glitter, tubes, etc. etc.

4. you can make your own screen printing kit, its a good way to start.

5. you can make your own art stencils for t-shirts, etc. using photoshop, adobeā€¦.. this is really great & easy !

6. you can use iron-on &/or transfer paper too. buy it, draw your picture/design & follow instructions to transfer the design to your fabric.

www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/ -- for various fabric-related products & techniques, including tie-dye, batik, stamping, transfer, silk painting, screen printing, fabric painting, & so on...

hope these help
all the very best & have fun :-)

Screen Printing / Silkscreen Help Pls Help?
Screen Printing / Silkscreen Help Pls Help? If I Buy A Super Value Fabric Screen Printing Kit (Http://Www.Artstuff.Net/Speedball_Super_Value_Fabric_Scr.Htm) Could I Still Use It On Paper Or Canvas? Culd I Also Use The Stencil Technique Wit This Kit?

What you put in on doesn't make much difference as long as the paint (ink) is compatible with the surface. The stencil method should be ok as it is one of the easiest ways to use silk screen.