Help With Screen Print?
How Do I Get My Print Screen Settings On My Screen?

If you mean how do you get your screen to be printed? This is what you do, hit the keys ALT-PrtScreen--this will capture your screen into a clipboard. Then click on Start->Run->type in "mspaint" and hit <Enter> then type CTRL-V to paste your screen into the program--at this point you can print it to printer or whatever you want.

Is It Legal To Print A Cartoon Character On A Tee Shirt For Sale?
I Have A Facebook Page Company And Am Thinking About Making T-Shirts To Give Away &Amp; Sell To Fans. I'Ve Always Used Muttley As My Unofficial Mascot And Wanted To Put Him On The T-Shirt. Would This Be Legal Or Would I Be Breaking A Trademark Law Of Some Sort? Thanks.

The owners of the copyright of that cartoon own the EXCLUSIVE right to duplicate it, create derivative works of it, distribute or publicly display those works. 17 USC 106. Making even ONE without a license would be a copyright infringement. Distributing it to anyone else would be a copyright infringement. Displaying it in public would be a copyright infringement. 17USC 501. Selling it would be a federal felony. 18 USC 2319.

If you believe you have a statutory exemption for your particular use (e.g., display in a non-profit classroom in the course of a lesson illustrated by A LAWFUL copy), you are free to attempt to prove that defense in federal court.

Trademark law, similarly, gives the owners the EXCLUSIVE right to place their distinctive brand on goods or services in commerce. If you place their brand (e.g., a cartoon character) on a shirt and it thereby appears to come from the owners of the trademark, that would be a trademark infringement. You can be sued for actual damages (if any) or simply for an injunction (make you stop doing it, turn over all existing forgeries for destruction, etc). In mass-production cases, counterfeiting tags or labels, or packaging, you could be charged as a criminal and face severe penalties. 18 USC 2320.