On Uberprints .Com Wat Does It Mean When It Says You Must Have At Least 12 Items For A Screen Print?
I Made A T-Shirt On Uber Prints.Com And When I Went To Go Order It It Said I Had To Have A Minimum Of 12 Items To Order A Custom Screen Print. What Does That Mean And How Can I Fix It To Get My Shirt?

This means that you must order at least 12 T-shirts, or whatever garments you are ordering, with the same print. Many screen printers have minimum orders because the setup process is the same for 1 shirt or 1000 shirts, and the setup process takes a significant amount of time relative to the actual printing process. If you're interested in understanding why this is so check out this article:


My screen printing company does not have minimums, but a single custom printed shirt would cost at least $75. Screen Printing is very quantity oriented. If you are only getting a one or a few pieces one option would be to get a Transfer. This can be done in full color starting at $20/shirt. Transfer's are not quite as durable as true Screen Printing, but are a good option for very small runs, and we have samples that have been through 20+ wash/dry cycles with minimal fading. If you're interested in pursuing this take a look at our website


Where Is The Cheapest Place In The World To Screen Print T-Shirts?
Starting Small Business Printing Custom Designed T-Shirts After Good Feedback From First Few Items, But Printing Costs When Starting Out Are Almost Making It Impossible To Get Going. Looking For Advice To Print Abroad To Save Costs.

Keep in the USA! You get what you pay for. Establish a relationship with a silk screen company and they will work with you on costs. And the more you buy the more you save. If you go abroad, you loose control of the quality.