T-Shirt Designing Site That Allows You To Decorate The Whole Shirt With A Hand Drawn Pattern?
I'Ve Been Looking For A While & Almost All T-Shirt Designing Sites Are For Like School Sports Teams & Stuff, That Only Allow You To Add Text To The Chest Area Of A Shirt. I Want To Take A Picture I Draw & Fully Design The T Shirt, All Areas Of It (Entire Front Back & Sides) , With Pictures I Upload To My Computer. Any Websites You Know? Please Read Description & Follow It I Don'T Want A Bunch Of Sites That Are Exactly What I Described As &Quot;Sites I Don'T Want&Quot;

Screen Printed T shirt Designs provide printed shirts for storefronts and online retailers in the clothing business. They can fulfill bulk blank shirt orders and custom printed shirts. Take advantage of celebrity popularity, sports events in your city, political events and print messages right on t-shirts to appeal to different groups of customers.

What Is The Difference Between Silkscreen & Printmaking?
I Am Trying To Figure Out Which Class I Should Take. I Have A Choice Between Silkscreen Or Printmaking. I Don'T Have Any Experience In Either Techniques And I Want To Know The Difference Between The Two Techniques Prior To Deciding Which Class To Take.

silk screen or serigraphy is a type of printing. There are three types of printmaking:above surface on surface and below surface printing. Silk screen is above surface involving stencils or block outs that keep the ink from being squeegeed through the silk. I don't know what other type of printing you are talking about in the other class. You might do woodcuts, lithography etching or a number of other types of printing.