Custom T-Shirts. Decals?
I'Ve Been Having The Idea Of Adding My Own Custom T-Shirts To The Selection At My Store. I Need A Place That I Can Go To For Custom Decals/Stickers To Use On A Heat-Press/Screen-Print Machine. I Have Designs That I Already Made Through Photoshop. Does Anyone Know Of A Company Or Place I Can Go To With These Designs So They Can Make Decals Out Of Them For Me To Use?

You can buy heat transfer paper at your local office supply store and make your own custom printed t-shirts. A more updated method is to use a digital ink jet printer that can print highly detailed images and photos on fabric.

I Need Some Creative Ideas Please!?
My Friend And I Love To Tyedye, And We Know All The Normal Patterns, Spiral, Bulls Eye And Stripes...But We Wanna Do Something Different...So Any Suggestions? Also What Is The Best Way To Make The Spiral Design That Is All Color?( No White Shirt Showing)

Have you tried screen printing?

It was a big thing in the 80's, we used to do tie dye in the same craft class.

Maybe do some tie dye with lighter colours as a base, then screen print over the top in darker colours. (once the tie dye has dried of course)

**Hi again ... check this link, it has all the instruction and what materials to use,

I really hope you try it and have fun with your friend.

If you happen to become a top fashion designer who screen prints ... remember me, I'd love some samples!!! LOL