Logo Design For A T Shirt: A Frog?
I Have The Draw A Frog For A T Shirt For One Of My Classes. It Would Be On The Corner Of The Shirt On The Front And Our Tour Locations On The Back. Does Anyone Have Pictures And/Or Ideas On How The Frog Should Look Like? It's Suppose To Be Pretty Artsy And I Would Like To Give It An Indie Feel. I Need Some Inspiration Because I Don't Want To Let My Class Down With The Shirts.

Custom screen printed logo t-shirts are great for sports teams, staff uniforms, sorority/fraternity events, and even family reunions. CustomInk makes it both easy and fun to design t-shirts online, at simply great prices.

Graphic Design Classes For Screenprinting?
What Do You Think Is Better? Going To School For Graphic Design In Order To Learn About Screenprinting Or Just Get A Job At A Screenprinting Shop And Learn There/Take A Class For Screenprinting, Saving Thousands Of Dollars? I'M Thinking The Latter. I Want To Start My Own Little Clothing Company. Yes, I Have Made My Own Shirts Before (Using A Roller, Textile Ink, And Stencils), But I Don'T Know How To Silkscreen.

Having spent over 20 years in the Graphic Arts field, I can tell you it would be best if you just found a job at a place where they do silk-screen printing. This is a very uncomplicated process. Yes! you have to learn how to create your frames, how to make your screen and apply it to the silk screen on the frame, learn about color separation, learn about register marks (for multiple colors on one item) if you are looking to mass produce color prints.

You can become PROFICIENT, not professional in about a month, if you really apply yourself to it, and make a go of a "small" silk-screen printing business. This process is not something you necessarily have to go to college for.

Now on the other hand, Graphic Design is something you should go to school for. This is a course that will teach you how to create different art and ideas you can utilize in the silk-screening business to come up with some "awesome" and original designs and/ideas that only you can put on screen from your own concepts. Good Luck and let me know how it goes.