Does Anyone Know Of Any Websites That Can Print Custom Designed T-Shirts?
I Am Looking Into Designing And Selling My Own T-Shirts, And I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew Of Any Good Websites Or Companies That Can Print Them For Me? Especially Any Sites That Print More Than Just Digitally With A Wide Varies Of Customization. Please Let Me Know Thanks.

Yes, they are all over the place. Just type "printed t shirts) in to your seach engine. Why sent out your work, do your own screen printing. You can learn about it and get all of your supplies on line. Look up my profile, and send me a e-mail.

How Do You Mass Produce Handbags?
In Class We Are Doing A Design And Make, And We Need To Know How You Mass Produce Something. How Would You Mass Produce A Handbag. Like, T-Shirts Can Be Silk-Screen Printed, Etc.

Well some are handmade so you could do that