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How To Remove Little Bits Of Screen Filler (Silkscreening)?
I Recently Started The Silkscreening Process (I'Ve Taken A Class Last Summer On It But I'M Still Very New To It, Plus I'Ve Forgotten Many Things), And After My First Print, I Washed Off The Screen Filler (I Didn'T Use The Emulsion Process For The First Go) With Fantastic- Which Is A Regular Multipurpose Cleaning Agent Just Like 409, Etc. I Know The Screen Filler Bottle Says Greased Lightning But Fantastic Is The Closest I Can Get To That. It Worked For Most Of The Screen Filler, But There Remains Some Little Bits Of It Still On The Screen. You Can Also See A &Quot;Ghost&Quot; View Of The Image I Printed, But I Know That Can Be Removed With Dehazer. My Question Is- Does Anyone Know Of A Way To Get Rid Of The Small Bit Of Screen Filler Left Before I Apply The Dehazer? Please Please Please- Do Not Say &Quot;Powerwasher&Quot; Because That'S Out Of The Question For Me Right Now. I Need A Method That I Can Use Here At Home. Thanks For The Help!!!!!!!! I'M Desperate- Been Trying To Get It Off The Screen For Ages But Nothing Seems To Work. I Even Used A Stiff Stubby Little Paintbrush To Scratch It Off But It Didn'T Work.

silk-screening filler remover/ cleaner

Greased Lightning, Fantastic, 409, nix~ powerwasher,
Mr.Clean, Laundry detergents, dish soaps, Cascade dishwasher Detergents/liquid, Lye Soap,

the problem is finding cleaner to dissolve and remove filler particles, without damaging or melting silkscreen,
if you have spare piece of screen test with filler used, and various cleaners,
heavier cleaners for bathroom scrub cleaning or nail polish remover may work, but those would also damage screen, hot water itself could help dissolve binding sections, check back side of screen for particles holding front particles on, also paint-brush cleaners or thinners and rubbing/ isopropyl ethyl alcohols, does depend on medium used for filler, and neutral cleaner that dissolves that medium, but not screen or tapes and wood glues for frame,

silk screen filler compound, drawing fluid, Speedball & clean-up