Painting On Silk?
Okay, Here'S My Dillema... I Want To Get My Boyfriend A Wall Scroll Of His Favorite Show But The Only (Decent) Ones I Can Find Run Over $300... I Am An Art Major In College, So I Figure I Could Probably Make Him One For Much Less Expence, But I'Ve Never Dyed Silk Before (And I'M Not In A Screen Printing Class Until Next Semester, And They Won'T Let Me Use The Screen Printer Until I'Ve Taken The Course) I'Ve Used Dye On Shirts Before, But Even With Soda Ash I Can'T Get The Color To Stay Exactly Where I Put It, Aka It Bleeds. Is It Possible To Paint On Silk With Oil Paints, Or, (God Forbid) Acrylics??? My Mom Just Got This Custom Painted Purse That Was Leather Painted With Acrylics, And Contrary To What I Would Believe After Working With Acrylics, The Leather Stayed Smooth And Soft Rather Than Dried And Crunchy... Would This Work With Silk Too?? Or Do I Need To Figure Out How To Dye Silk? Or Should I Just Suck It Up And Shell Out The $300+ Bucks? Much Appreciated! -Me

I've painted on silk with actual 'silk paint', using outliner (gutta) to mark out the design. I've also used, in a day school, watercolours and acrylics (liquid if possible). Sorry, I don't know anything about printing as such, but if you can paint, you can certainly do it on silk, providing you don't work too wet, as liquid paints will run, run, run (hence the need for the gutta).

Screen Printing Questions?
So I'M Taking A Graphics Elective And We Have This Web Quest. Thing Is, While Searching On Google, I'M Unable To Find Answers-- So I Thought I'D Try Here! There Are 8 Questions In Total And I Have 6 Of Them Finished. But Since This Is My First Year Taking A Graphics/Screen Printing Class, I'D Like To Double Check My Answers. Below Are The Questions: 1. What Is Silk Screening? 2. What Is Stencil Or Emulsion? 3. What Is The Emulsion (Stencil) Made Of? 4. What Are The 4 Stencil Application Processes? 5. What Is Direct Stencil? 6. Why Do They Use Yellow Or Orange Color Mesh When Using Direct Stencil? 7. What Is Indirect Stencil? 8. What Is Wet Direct Photo Stencil? We Don'T Have Textbooks To Refer To And Such Hence The Reason I'M Having Difficulties Finding Certain Answers. All Help Will Be Appreciated. Thank You In Advance. Oh And Also, Sorry If This Is In The Incorrect Category.

You must be using a different Google than I am using. I used Google on the first 4 questions exactly as typed and Google came up with many answers that were both helpful and concise.
Sure you are doing it right?