Can I Self Print Custom T-Shirt?

Of course you can! Silkscreening is very fun and easy. The equipment can actually be made yourself if your crafy and can be extremely rewarding.

If you're still in school, check to see if you High School offers a print-making class, that is the easiest free way to learn how to do it with someone to teach you. If not, check out local art classes (some may be very cheap) and see if they offer printmaking or silkscreening classes. Other wise, check out these helpful websites I found:

Have alot of FUN! XOXO ^_^

Is This The Actual Screen For Screen Printing? Http://Www.Silkscreeningsupplies.Com/Product/Msh230y50?
Im New To Silk Screen Printing, And Was Wondering If This Is The Whole Screen, Missing Only The Frame, Or Is It Just A Part Of The Screen. Also Is It Only Emulsion? Cuz I Dont Do Emulsion Yet

Yes, but if you need to ask you clearly need to explore the process more, either by taking a class, perhaps continuing education at a local college or guild, or by checking out a bunch of step-by-step videos or (shock) reading a book on the process.