Do You Have To Take A Class In College In Order To Work In A Silk Screening Store?

It depends on the store's employment policies.

In general, you don't have to go to college to learn how to do a silk screen. In fact you can find books in a good library that will show you how to make and prepare your screens, how to "paint" them and how to create multicolor prints with them.


Screen Printing T-Shirts?
I Would Like A Graphic I Found On The Internet To Be Screen Printed On A Tshirt (Since I Can't Find One With It Already On It). Are There Companies Out There That I Can Send That Image To And They Can Do It For Me? If So, Can You Send Me Links To Any Of Them? I'm Having A Hard Time. Thanks!

Sign up on and then either find someone that does screen printing, and get them to do it for you, or you can post a want ad on the "custom" part of the site, and people will bid on it