What Is A Silk Screening?
I'Ve Been Invited To One On Sunday And I Was Told To Bring A Shirt. What Is It?

I got this as a best answer given by "Chicago Q" 2 years ago. I am not taking credit for the information just read through it before you go on Sunday because there is information in it that you should know and do before hand.

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Silk-screening, or screen-printing, is a technique for printing images through a piece of fabric (originally silk was used) using a stencil or mask. It's an adaptable technique which can be used successfully by beginners as well as very experienced artists. The masks can be made with photo-emulsion, freezer paper, masking tape, and more.
The simplest version is a single-color print, because each additional color requires you make another screen or mask. If they didn't give you recommendations for a pattern, then for your first project, stick to a single simple shape like a heart or a star or a Christmas tree. If you're bringing your own t-shirt, wash it first without fabric softener or dryer sheets. It sounds like they'll tell you the rest when you get there.
If you want to read a little more about it beforehand, here's several websites with how-to info or tutorials.

Make A Silk Screen In A Darkroom?
Hey Guys, I Have A Fully Functioning Darkroom, But Now I Wish To Do Some Silk Screen Printing, I Already Have The Screen So What I'M Wondering Is What Photo Emulsion Do I Need To Buy And Can I Use My Darkroom Enlargers To 'Burn' The Emulsion Or Do I Need Do Use Something Else. I Would Be Most Gratefull For Some Help

The enlarger won't help with exposing the photo emulsion because it's a very weak light and what's needed is a strong source of UV light (usually sunlight, but could be a "sunlamp" or special UV lamp).

Check out some of the links in this search for how to do screen printing using the photo emulsion technique:
I used to buy my photo emulsion in a screen printing supply store, but it may be available in art supply stores or some photo stores too these days--or certainly online.

There are other ways to block light or allow light through a polyester mesh screen for printing though if you want something less difficult and time-consuming, but none will do quite the level of detail that photo-emulsion can do.
http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php... (scroll down, then click on the 2 "Silk Screening" sub-boards)