Where Do I Get A Silk-Screen Printer?
Like One Of This Http://Www.Wtsmith.Com/Giffiles/Silkscreen3.Gif .. Not Like A Big Thing. Does Anyone Know Where I Could Buy One? Or Even Better If You Know How To Make Them Lol. I Dunno, I Guess It Is Possible To Make Them

You can get a good silkscreen starter kit at most art or craft store. Speedball makes a nice one that includes a screen, mounting base and hinges (important if you intend to print more than one color on a design) masking and stencil materials and a few bottles of colored ink to get you started.

It is NOT very expensive.

You can also make your own, but it is not much cheaper to buy the materials than the cost of the kit.

Where Can I Get Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts?
I'M Trying To Make My Own Custom T-Shirt, Where The Design Completely Covers The Front. But All The Websites I'Ve Seen Only Offers To Have A Small Portion In The Middle Of The T-Shirt To Be Printed On, Or If I'M Able To Completely Print Over The Front Of It, I'M Forced To Order A High Quantity Of About 12 Or More. Is There Any Sites Out There That Can Custom Print All Over The Shirt And Just Pay For One?

Hello, I know an online printing company Design2Express that provides custom T-shirt printing you could ask them about your certain details.


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