Where Can I Buy A Silk Screen Printing Kit Or Even Just The Screen??
Would I Be Able To Purchase One At Www.Michaels.Com Or Do I Have To Order One Specially? And.... Approximatley How Much Do U Think A Silk Screen Kit Would Cost???

Dick Blick will have them.

I Need Help On Silk Screening , Can Some One Help Me?
Im Trying To Learn How To Screen Print, I Already Know That You Have To Use A Transparency To Transfer The Picture To The Frame , But I Dint Know What Materials I Need And How Does The Process Of Transferring The Picture Works , Can Some One Explain To Me Step By Step How To Transfer The Picture , And What Materials To Mix , And Which Is The Cheapest Source Of Kith To Use ? Thanks

You need a Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit from Speedball™ and much more instruction than we can give here.
Use this Google:
And download the PDF file which will tell you everything there is to know about screen printing.

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