Where Can A Buy A Single Printed (Custom) Shirt For Cheap? Read For More Details, Help!?
I'Ve Been On A Million Websites And I Can'T Seem To Find A Lot That Don'T Want You To Get Printed Shirts In Bulk. I Actually Just Want A Sleeveless Shirt For A Male With A Simple Logo In The Back For A Gift, And I'M Not Going To Pay 22 Dollars For It. Any Suggestions?

Here is the best site for you to check on. http://screenprintedtshirtdesigns.com/

They have the cheapest screen printed design shirts!

Kids Silk Screen Printing Kit? Seen On Tv?
I Am Looking For Info About Something My Daughter Saw On A Commercial On I Believe It Was Nickelodeon. Anyway It Sounds Like It Was For Some Type Of Kids Silk Screen Printing Type Kit. I'Ve Looked Online On All The &Quot;As Seen On Tv&Quot; Type Stores But Haven'T Come Across This Yet. The Best Thing I Could Find Was A Kit That Was The Brand Alex Being Sold On Amazon. I'M Not Sure If This Is The Same Thing Or Not Though. I Was Hoping Maybe Someone Had Seen The Commercial And Could Tell Me What The Product Is Called Or Anything About It? Oh And I'M Putting My Question In This Category Because I Was Hoping Maybe Some Other Parents With Kids My Age May Have Seen This Commercial!

Oh, I saw that commercial...was it the metallic looking stuff? I just came across that Alex one, but that one isn't the same...My DD also thought it looked good, but for the life of me, I can't think what the brand was! I'm sure I'll see it again during the many episodes of spongebob and if I do, I'll try to remember to re-post!