What Type Of Printer Do I Need To Print On T-Shirts, Etc.?
I Think It's Called A Digital Printer. Where Do I Buy This Thing? How Much Will It Cost? And Then, Don't You Need Like A Heat Pad To Cure The T-Shirt? Where Do I Find The Heat Pad? Again, How Much Will This Cost? Then I Need T-Shirts. I Want Good Quality T-Shirts. But Not Too Good Quality T-Shirts, That Would Cost A Fortune. Where Do I Buy Bulk Blank Tees? If You Could Answer These Questions That Would Be Great! Thanks

Any color inkjet printer will do this. Even color lasers. You just need the software which it is done on the PC.



Now what you need to buy is a good color printer, software to make the transfer of text onto the T-Shirt. Then you need to buy iron transfer paper (type of wax paper) you just print as normal using photo quality. Then with a warm to medium hot iron you lay down the t-shirt on the ironing board the transfer paper will show which direction you position it. As it will be in the reverse order so that the text in this example

MY T-SHIRT will look correct when someone see your new design. It doesn't have to be text. It can be photo, images you make.

Bulk T-Shirts can be had online just search for it. If you want to do this right get a digital color laser printer from HP or Canon cost would be $300 and up depending on how much you want to spend. What will cost you is the iron on transfer paper isn't that cheap, but you can buy in quality online to cut cost. Just find the right business to work with on that.

I'M Looking To Buy A Silk Screening Kit, But I Don'T Know Where Or What To Get?
I Took A Workshop A Few Years Back To Stretch Out And Make Your Own Screen, And How To Use The Emulsifier And Burn Images, But I Have Not Silk Screened Since Then. I Usually Paint On Fabric, But I Would Really Like To Start Doing Prints. I'M Looking For A Kit Which Can Be Tucked Away Somewhere, As I Only Live In A Little Apartment. I Looked At Two Kits, The Yudu And Tulip Screenit, And I Am Unsure Of Both. The Yudu Has A Lot Of Negative Reviews, And The Tulip Screenit Has No Reviews And I Can'T Seem To Buy It In Canada(Or Where I Am In Canada). I Know They Both Come With The Solid Emulsifier Sheets, And Its Different Then The Traditional Way Of Silk Screening, But I Am Wondering If Either Of These Are Worth Getting. If Not, I Am Looking For Suggestions. I Don'T Have Tons Of Space, But I Really Want To Start Silk Screening! Thanks! :)

Silk Screen Kit

Yudu Screen kit,

Tulip Screen-it,

Search for shops in your area, and within region, as there may be private owned shops with access to supplies,

Curry's > Speedball Silk Screen Sets

Deserres > Silkscreen kit

google Maps > TO > Art supplies (example)

Yellow pages Art supplies