Designing/Printing On A Shirt?
How Do You Design A Shirt?Like Is There Another Way To Print Your Design Other Then Using That Iron On Printing Paper Or Using Those Stupid Websites That Let You Create A Shirt? And How Do You Make A Shirt Have A Design[ A Shirt With A Design You Made On It] On It And When You Wash It The Design Wont Get Ruined Or Come Off Like What Do You Need For The Design To Not Do That?

You design a t-shirt with design programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Then you learn how to separate the colors by layer, and send the file off to a screen-printing company. You can't do it yourself and it's not cheap. Usually you have to buy the shirts, the screen, shipping and labor fees. Most companies won't print for you unless you print in bulk. Good luck!

Where Can I Buy Super Soft And Stretchy T-Shirts For Small Screen Printing Business?
I've Been Printing Up My Own T Shirts For Some Time Now (Probably 2000-3000) And Have Always Used Hanes And Gildan Just Because They're The Cheapest (Under $2 Apiece) Which Allows Me To Sell Them Printed Up For $5-8 (Which Buyers Really Like), But The Quality Of The Ts Are Nowhere Near What I'd Consider Ideal. I Want Super Soft And A Little Stretchy For An Affordable Price....Of All The 'Big-Name' Shirt Manufacturers Whose Ts I've Ever Owned Gap Are By Far My Favorite As They Meet My Two Requirements Like No Other (Everyone Tells Me To Try American Apparel Ts, But Personally I'm Not A Fan. They're Just Not Soft Enough!). So, Is There Anywhere I Can Get These High Quality Ts At A Low Cost (Gap Or Other Manufacturer). Any Help Would Be Appreciated. Jeremiah

American Apparel shirts are amazing. And they ship in bulk, which is cheaper than buying them normally.