Where Can I Find Quality Gauranteed Heat Transfer Machine And T-Shirts In Bulk For Extremely Low Prices?
I Am Looking For Name Brand &Quot;Blank&Quot; T-Shirts (White And/Or Color) Of All Varying Sizes ( Smallest To Xxxxl). Can Be Hayne'S, Fruit-Of-The-Loom, Jer-Zee, Anvil, Gildan, Lee......Etc.; With Quality Gauranteed. I Am Interested In Bulk Buying At The &Quot;Lowest&Quot; Of All Places. Also, Gauranteed Quality But Low Priced Heat Transfer Machines. I Am Looking To Start My Own Printed Shirt Business And Would Like Quality Merchandise Without Being &Quot;Sent To The Cleaners&Quot;. Any Helpful Advice Is Truly Appreciated.

star dust for the t-shirts you can buy a machine off ebay real cheap thats what i did.had it for 12 years now for 195 bucks

Screen Printing Shirts I Already Own?
Im Looking Into Screen Printing A Bulk Amount Of Shirt'S (200-300). I'Ve Been Wondering If I Can Find A &Quot;Lot&Quot; Of Shirts, For Say $1.00 A Piece, And Then Give Them To A Business To Print On, If This Would Be A Cheaper Route. (Vs. Buying The Shirt'S Through The Printer, Having Them Printed And Then Sent To Me.) Does Anyone Know Of Any Companies Online That Do This? Any Other Comments Appreciated. Thanks

You can buy shirts from china for a dollar, but they make you buy 1k-5k at a time. Another way would be to buy second quality. Which means they have a small defect. Dollar shirts don't really exists.

check out www.icreatescreenprinting.com
they do most of my printing and offer great deals for people on a budget.