Where Can I Buy In Bulk, Plain Roll Sleeve T - Shirts?
I Have Some Designs I Will Like To Print On T Shirt. But I Want Them To Be The Roll Sleeve Kind. Where Can I Buy Them At A Cheap Price?

What's a roll sleeve? If you mean there's a kind of T-shirt where the ends of the sleeves are turned over just once, that's called a cuff (and I still haven't seen that type of T-shirt).

If Michaels/Costco don't have the right kind of T-shirts and you end up looking online, plain printable T-shirts are called blanks.

Is There A Good Online Clothing Store For Petite Women?
I Am A Very Skinny, 5'3&Quot; Girl. I Wear Size 1 Or 2 Pants With The Ideal Inseam Of 27&Quot;. It Is Nearly Impossible To Find Small Petite Sizes In Almost Any Store I'Ve Been To, So I'Ve Been Attempting To Find One Online. Every Store I'Ve Been Able To Find Seems To Have An Extremely Limited Selection Of Size 2 Petite Pants Too! Are There Any Store That You Can Suggest To Me? I'M In My Mid Twenties, So I Don'T Want To Be Stuck Wearing Mom Jeans! Any Suggestions Would Be Appreciated.

This looks good but the prices are a bit high.....maybe not for you. I know my best friend spends much more for her clothes than I do for mine. She is 5/1 and weighs 100 pounds.



And I love this place. Though I am too old to wear the clothes!