Where Is A Good Place To Buy Business Clothes For Women?
I Am Going To A &Quot;Future Business Leaders Of America&Quot; Event And There Is A Dress Code. I Need Business Clothes -_-

For a business look you might want to try pencil skirts! They're perfect for that type of event. If not, just go with dress pants. For the top I recommend a blazer because they are very professional. You can go to stores like Nordstrom, Nemain Marcus, Macy's, or even Khols.

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How To Print Pictures On A T Shirt?
I Want To Start Sellingg Shirts- I'M Buying A Specific Type Of Shirt For About $6 Each In Bulk, And I Want To Print My Own Pictures On Them Very Quickly And Cheap For Each Shirt. The Most Cost Efficient Way To Do This? I Think Transfer Paper Would Add Up And Cost Too Much.

go onto Cafepress.com. you can customize t-shirts and have people buy them online, and i believe you can order them so you can sell them in person. also try vistaprint, they have business cards, shirts, lights, keychains...etc that is customizable