Custom T-Shirt Sites? Bulk?
What'S The Best Site To Custom Design Tshirts And Buy In Bulk? We'Re Making Girl'S Shirts For Our Year, So It'S Probably Going To Be 100+. No Cafepress...Something That'S Like 10 Bucks A Shirt Or Less.

How Can I Print T Shirts?
I'M Planning On Making Tshirts For My Etsy Shop, But I Don'T Know Where I Can Find Equipment. I Mean, I Don'T Feel Like Going To Any Prints Shops Or Use Zazzle, Cafepress, But I Prefer To Do It On My Online Store. So Got A Few Questions. 1) Which Website Can I Buy A Bulk Of White/Black Tshirts For A Cheap Price? 2) What Is The Best Equipment I Can Use To Create Designs And Put Them On Shirts?

If you have never done this before ( and it sounds like you haven't) I would recommend geting a speedball screen printing kit. It is by no means the best screen printing equipment, but it will have everything you need in it including instructions. You can also go to youtube to find tutorial videos on coating your screen, exposing and washing, and printing. You can upgrade equipment once you have the hang of it and know you like screen printing.