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Muslim Clothing Guidance For Women?
I Am Currently Looking Into Islam And I Am Finding It Very Enlightening. I Do Have An Inquiry Or Two Regarding The Clothing That Most Islamic Women Wear. Is It Acceptable For One To Wear 1/2 Or 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirts? (I Live In A Really Warm And Humid Area) Is It Also Acceptable To Wear Skirts That Are Not Floor Length, And Only Go To Your Ankles? Does Anyone Have Any Good Suggestions Or Websites Regarding Ways To Dress Modestly Without Looking Too Frumpy, Or Unfeminine? Any Assistance Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You.

Well, Islam never specified what clothes to wear, it just set requirements.
Muslim women need to cover everything except the face and hands, so I'm afraid to tell you that the clothing you're asking about is not 100% correct, and I wouldn't wear it, but it's up to you and your relationship with God what you want to do.
The fact that you live in a very hot and humid area only gives you more ajir if you dress properly. God knows how you feel and because of that (like I said) will reward you more.

Good luck, and if you need anymore help contact me: