Where Can I Get Cheap Blank T-Shirts?
I Want To Know Some Of The Cheaper Methods Of Ordering Mass Quantities Of Blank T-Shirts Of Different Colors. I Plan On Doing Large Orders Of Screen Printed Shirts, So Ideally I Would Like To Know If There Is Anything That Might Go Down In Price If You Order More At Once?

Trust me this is website to go to http://www.china-walmart.com/product/cat...
They have the best fashion T-shirts I will suspect you will find what you looking for.i ever bought some accessories from this website, really good quality, lol...so beautiful, and the store worker are all kindly, lol...really cheap.

Where To Buy Clothing For Small Women?
Hi, I'M A 19 Year Old College Student And I'M Looking For A Place To Buy Nice (And Sexy) Outfits For Clubbing And Parties And Dates And What Have You. Unfortunately, I Have The Body Of A 12 Year Old... My Measurements Are 30-23-32, But I Wear A 32B Bra Because They Don'T Really Make 30Bs... I Am Also Only 4'10&Quot;. Is There A Place That Makes That Kind Of Outfit And Has Sizes That Might Fit Me? I'Ve Already Gotten Suggestions To Places Like Bebe And I Will For Sure Check It Out. Does Anyone Have Any Other Suggestions? Most Places That Sell Petite Clothing, The Clothing Looks Way Too Old For Me (Lands End, Macys, Nordstroms, Etc) :(. I Want Something With A Young Feel.. Thanks!

There are 30B's out ther you have to buy them online.

You do sound Like your closer to an hourglass shape. I think that when it comes down to it you will have to buy things and have them taken in. Even if you shop petites you will have to have your dresses and pants hemed buy a pro. you can get this done at dry cleaners. It will cost you more money but you will look really good.

You might want to remeasure yourself to make sure you are a 30B. Basically you can't really be a 30B if you measured around your breast Please use this site to measure yourself and get the right size for you. http://www.thinandcurvy.com/2010/10/how-to-measure-your-bra-size-correct.html

Basically if the 32B cup fits your breast but not back then, you could be a 30C 28D 26DD or a 24E.
Now if the bra doesn't fit all then just measure yourself to get the size and see.

Please check out this review for Ewa Michael they specialize in small band sizes.

Please also check out this video to see how a bra should fit you.