How Can I Start My Own T-Shirt Line?
I'm 18 Years Old, A Senior In High School, And I Have A True Passion For Graphic Design And Fashion. I Absolutely Love Art And Designing, So I Wanted To Put My Talents To Use And Start A T-Shirt Line. Could I Create The Designs On Illustrator Or Photoshop, And Then Send Them To A Screen Printing Company? Is There A Cheap Way To Do Your Own Screen Printing? What T-Shirt Manufacturer Would You Recommend? I Was Leaning Towards American Apparel, But If There's A Better Less Expensive One Then Please Tell Me! I Don't Want A Brick And Mortar Business Obviously, So What Would Be A Good Way To Start Up Online? What Would The Initial Capital Be? What Are Good Ways Of Advertising For Cheap At My Age? If You Have Any Advice, Experience Or Information Please Let Me Know! And I Do Not Want To Hear: Ebay, Cafe Press, Etsy, Or Anything Similar Please!

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Where Can I Find Clothes For Big-Breasted Women?
I Get So Frustrated Because Just Because They'Ve Made The Model Industry Emphasize Long, Lean Figures And Mosquito Bites And Hip Bones, That Doesn'T Mean That The Big-Boobed Women Diappeared!! Where Am I Supposed To Find Clothes At? Everything Is So Hypocritical!! People Discuss How Offended They Are When You Have Cleavage Staring You Down, Well Hell! To Get Clothes That Don'T Look &Quot;Maternity&Quot;, And Actually Fit Your Mid-Section, You Have To Sacrifice Your Boob-Coverage! What About Bathing Suits?? I Have To Buy Extra-Large Tops And Then Get Them Cut Down And Shaped Up To Actually Fit && Cover Me Up!! (I'D Greatly Accept Any Advise On Where To Get Some Bust-Friendly Clothing) (Websites Preferrably, Because I Live 30 Minutes Away From The Nearest Mall - And It Sucks)

I think it's interesting that melinda suggested empire waists, because those are exactly the kind of thing I must avoid with my large chest. They are made for a more average sized woman, so the seams always hit me on my actual breast, and not right underneath. I've never been able to wear them.

Bravissimo makes clothing for women with large chests. You can also buy clothing to fit your chest and have it tailored down to the correct size. For bathing suits, go to and search for bathing suits by your bra size. I'm an H cup and have had lots of success doing this. These companies (like Freya and Triumph) make bathing suits especially for large breasted women. Many of them also incorporate hidden underwires or other support.