How Make &Quot;Soft&Quot; Tee (T-Shirt) ?
We'Re A New (Small) Screen Printing Company, Printing A Lot Of Standard T-Shirt Brands, And Getting A Lot Of Requests For &Quot;American Apparel&Quot; Style &Quot;Softees&Quot; (Ie: Vintage, Ring-Spun Cotton Effect/Feel). Aa Is Extremely Expensive; Even With Wholesale Distributor Rates We'Re Paying $5+ For Aa Standards (4.5Oz Or So). Does Anyone Know A Way Or Process We Can Do In Our Home Shop To 'Soften' Cheaper Tees? (Hanes/Jerzees/Fotl, 5.5Oz Etc). Can We Do Something Like Tumble These Shirts Carefully With Some Kind Of Process And Then Hot Press Or Iron Them Back Into Shape? Basically How To Make 'Vintage' Shirt Feel From Cheaper Shirts. Thanks!

1. Fabric Softener
2. Drying
3. Softening the Water

Cheap T Shirts In Bulk?
I Want To Find A Site Where You Can Buy T Shirts In Bulk But Are Not Expensive (The Cheaper The Better).

How many you need and what colors... I can hook you up with the best price. I own a t shirt printing business.