I Am Starting My Own Custom T-Shirt Website, What Are Some Good Products That Can Put An Image Or Characters?
On The Shirts, And Where Can I Buy Bulk Plain T-Shirts For Cheap.

Some helpful links below.

Caution: There are plenty t-shirt websites out there. Success in this game is ALL about marketing.

Bulk t-shirts: if you can get them for less than $1.50 each, you are doing good. But don't make any big promises about the quality until you have tested the product thoroughly yourself.

Hanes Commercial/wholesale number is:1-800-994-4348. Beefy T is a known brand, but they'll cost more than $1.50 each even in wholesale lots.

T-shirt printers are good for dark printing on pale and pastel shirts, but to print well on black, red, or dark colored shirts, you might need to look into silk screening.

Good luck

What Online Stores Sell Cheap Shirts?
That Are Reliable Sites Besides Ebay/Amazon. I Am A Girly Type.

Kindly checkout these sites.....Hope it's Helpful enough
(Mind U~I'm not selling anything OK...:)

www.suite101.com/content/find-cheap-tsh... - Cached

Wholesale Blank Shirts - JiffyShirts.com

www.jiffyshirts.com/?ref=AdW&kw=cheap%2... - Cached

isellbest.com - Cached

hubpages.com/...Lauren-Polo-Shirts-How-... - Cached

blanktshirt.com - Cached

www.goblueheron.com - Cached

www.brokenarrowwear.com/custom-t-shirt-... - Cached

wholesalepoloshirtonline.com/Default.as... - Cached

cheapshirtshopping.wordpress.com/2010/0... - Cached

selltshirtsonline.com - Cached

westoffer.com/prodetail.asp?pid=63226 - Cached

www.online-shirt-stores.com - Cached

www.outletnotes.com/outlets/ralph-laure... - Cached

www.merch.com - Cached

www.cooljordanshoes.com/Shirts/Polo - Cached

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