Custom T-Shirt Website?
So My Band Was Considering Making T-Shirts But The Image We Want To Use Has A Lot Of Color And We Know Thats What Makes It Expensive But Is There A Website That We Can Get Them For Less Than $20 A Shirt? We Tried: Custom Ink Wholesale Screen Print Discount Tshirt

What I almost did was buy a cheap printing machine and then I just bought shirts in bulk for like lower than $1 in total. Then just printed them myself. I didn't go through with it because I lost a need for the shirts, but based on what I remember, that would be the cheapest way to go, especially if you want to print shirts in the future.

What Website Sells &Quot;Tall T&Quot; Shirts The Cheapest?
Looking To Buy &Quot;Tall T&Quot; Blank Shirts For Printing On Was Wondering Where I Could Find The Cheapest Ones On The Internet.Any Help Appreciated.Please No Dumbass Comments That Waste My Time.I Always Seem To Get Them For Some Reason. Www.Theresistance.Info

Check out the catalog at

There are no prices in the catalog, but they are very wholesale-like prices... I would recommend the "Alternative" or "Bella" brand. They usually have a live chat on the website where you would be able to ask how much everything costs. Good Luck!